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5 al Dia


The fall in consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, above all among the younger age-groups of the population and the corresponding rise in other, transformed products like cakes, milk derivatives and packaged fruit juices, with their usually heavy advertising support, is a growing concern for the institutions that watch over consumers’ education and health.

In an attempt to counter this trend, the main aim of the "5 a day" campaign, created en 1998, is to encourage the consumption of fruit and vegetables among the very young and their families.

The campaign slogan "5 a day" refers to the importance that consumption of at least five helpings of fruit or vegetables per day has in maintaining the proper nourishment of children. These foodstuffs are rich in the vitamins, mineral salts, fibre and carbohydrates which are fundamental for children to develop properly. They also help prevent illnesses that appear in adult age, such as cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

Around the world, there are more than 40 countries that develop campaigns of promotion the consumption of at least five helpings of fruit or vegetables per day, as doctors and dietitians reccomend.

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