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5 al Dia


All of the materials have been approved by specialists at the departments of Education, Health and Agriculture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Pre-visit materials

Mercabarna and the Trade Association of Fruit and Vegetable Traders and Wholesalers of Barcelona and its Province (AGEM) furnish the schools participating in the "5 a day" campaign with a pedagogical information pack for pupils to work the subject in class with the teacher prior to their visit to Mercabarna.

Pedagogic Dossier (PDF-in catalan)


The pupils each have a workbook which they complete after their visit to Mercabarna. It is designed to consolidate the facts they learn throughout the visit: the production area, taste workshop, exotic fruits, herbs for cooking, lunch and so on.

Workbook (PDF-in catalan)

Parents’ leaflet

The parents’ leaflet sets out the philosophy of the campaign, namely the reasons behind the need to eat at least five helpings of fruit and vegetables a day, the benefits that these products contribute to our organism, how many grams make a helping and so on.

This leaflet also includes games in order to parents and children enjoy together with “5 a day” message.

The parents’ leaflet (PDF-in catalan)

Hobbies Solutions Parents’ leaflet (PDF-in catalan)

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