For a healthy diet

5 al Dia


The core of the campaign consists in a visit to the installations at Mercabarna. Centring on this tour, three other complementary activities are developed, these being, on the one hand, work done at school prior to the visit, on the other, a subsequent school-based project, and finally, at home.

Work at school

The prior work done at school: Mercabarna and AGEM furnish the participating schools with a package of information which can be worked in class before the visit to Mercabarna. The schools are also sent a set of questionnaires to be completed by pupils’ families, and another set concerning consumption habits of the children themselves. Teachers return the completed questionnaires to the campaign representatives during the course of their visit to Mercabarna.

The subsequent school based project: After the visit, children and teachers take away material, with various proposals to continue working in the subject at class in a fun way. The program also proposes to school additional educational activities about “5 a day”.

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    Generalitat de Catalunya

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