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Are you a good cook? Here you will find some recipes using fruit and vegetables and some proposals of fun and healthy breakfasts and snacks. You will enjoy cooking and eating them.

Send us your recipes based on fruit and vegetables and we will publish them in this section.

Healthy and fun breakfasts and snacks

To prepare healthy and fun breakfast and fruit-based snacks, you just need to know the wide range of fruits from the market and put some imagination.

Wide variety of fruits

Orange, mandarin, banana, peach, pear, melon, watermelon, grapes, strawberries and cherries are the most common fruits. But today we can find many others on the market. Berries such as currants or blackberries, and tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, rambutan or cactus flower, among others.

Natural juices

The most popular is the orange juice, but tropical fruit juices such as papaya and passion fruit are sweet alternatives. Smoothies, which are prepared by crushing the fruit (when ripe), are also very tasteful. Especialy combinations made with orange, strawberry and banana are delicious. Crushed ice is a refreshing additive!

Mixed Fruit

In addition to fruit salads, can present many different fruits on skewers, and even roll in the pan to eat them warm, that enhances the sweetness. Nuts can also be mixed. Try to add dried fig, almond, hazelnuts, walnuts, pine nuts...

Chocolate Fruit

Dip fresh fruit in a hot chocolate. Fondue is a great way to enjoy a healthy snack. And if there are lots of different fruit, both acid and sweet, the better!

Fruit with yogurt

Mix a creamy yogurt with fruit chunks (fresh or dried) and grains (with muesli included) it is a delicious way to consume calcium, vitamins and fiber.

Baked Fruit

Surely you ever tried the baked apples. So, try to cut various fruits into pieces and bake them in the oven wrapped in foil. Add some honey over the fruit, it´s scrumptious!!.

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