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Carambola (Averrhoa carambola)

Fruit of a greenish colour that becomes yellow when ripening. It has 5 perfectly marked ribs. The flesh is abundant, crunchy and juicy. It can be 5 to 8 cm long and it is divided into cells with several seeds in each one. Because of this, when cutting across it, the pieces resemble a star.

Family: Tropical fruit
Scientific Family: Oxalidàcia
Nutritional Value: 23 calories per cada 100 grams
Seasonality: All year round (from various countries of origin )
Production zones: Nowadays, it is mainly cultivated in South-East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Australia, etc.), tropical America (Central America and Florida) and Africa.
Name tree: Carambola tree
Spanish name: Carambola
Catalan name: Carambola
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